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One Glance (Song of Songs 4)

We should always beware of the lie that God turns a blind eye to our sins even while we are continuing in them. We will reap what we sow. However, there is a reality for the genuine child of God that, though they see their own imperfections, Christ can look at him or her and say, "There is no flaw in you" (Song Songs 4:7). For those who truly and sincerely have given all their life, future, heart, character, and aspiration into the hands of Jesus Christ, agreeing to find these things in Him alone, there is a reality of perfection, and it will only be fully realized when Jesus returns. In this person's heart and relationship to God, there is no flaw. In this person's faith, there is a great and real power that will disintegrate every flaw that may still remain in them, because this person's faith lays hold of God Himself.

Jesus says to His Bride, "with one glance of your eyes you have stolen my heart" (4:9). So much has to do with our eyes and where they are looking. Jesus taught us, "The lamp of the body is the eyes. If therefore your eye is good, your whole body will be full of light" (Matthew 6:22). Man's greatest efforts to achieve merit for himself or to "get somewhere" with God by his own strength results in nothing but a life full of darkness. There is nothing but darkness in such a person, and we have all been that person before, with our eyes still set on ourselves. As long as the eye is set on self, the achievement will be the power of man, and man will be the one who gets the praise and applause. God will have none of this. The only way to make any headway with God is to move our eyes from ourselves to Him, so that when He intervenes, we see it is the power of God and we will rightly give God praise.

Not only that, but when we look to Jesus Christ, we are looking at the one and only Way, Truth, and Life of God. This is the only One about whom the Father says, "look at Him and live." You will live, because in a land of curses, plagues, and snake bites, you have fixed your eyes on the bronze serpent which God commanded to be lifted up for the healing of anyone who will simply look. The Israelites were not told to pay God back for all their rebellion in the wilderness; they were told to simply look at the bronze serpent.

That was a shadow. Today, God tells us to simply look to Jesus. Look to Him for salvation, for hope, for help, for strength, for direction and instruction; look to Him as your example, as your lifesource, as your one and only answer to every problem. One glance of your eyes away from your own will, ways, agenda, strength, and desires and onto Him actually stirs a response within His heart. As we walk in this, He will delight in us as "a sealed fountain" and "a spring enclosed" (Song of Songs 4:12). There is a river of life flowing through us, but it is for Him alone, so He can use us for His glory. Is it closed off from giving praise to any other god, even the subtle idol of self. To Him alone be all the glory and praise.

Alex Mack

Teaching Pastor

The Rock Church

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