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Associate Pastor

Pastor Jason was born in Montana and later relocated to Tacoma, WA. He was raised by his father, seeing his mother every other weekend, and attended Church regularly. Pastor Jason was raised in a Christian home and attended a Christian Church every Sunday and a youth group on Wednesdays.  During this time in his life he was unaware how dry and basic his Church was. He learned all the parables, lessons, stories and popular bible verses, but there was never a fire or hunger burning inside of him for the Lord.  He was under the impression that “this” was all there was when it came to being a Christian. After a 10 year Marine Corps career and 2 years in the CT Army National Guard, he was battling depression, loneliness, and questions as to his true purpose in life. Pastor Jason had fallen away and come back to the Lord so many times, it caused confusion more than anything else. 
Pastor Jason surrendered everything to Jesus in his late 30's in Brooklyn, NY after a supernatural experience of being overwhelmed by the love of Jesus. He was set free that day and has been dedicated to the Lord ever since.
Pastor Jason graduated from Nazarene Bible College in 2019 with a Bachelor Degree in Pastoral Ministries and Leadership, began attending Alliance Theological Seminary in September 2019, and received his first District License in 2020. Shortly after Pastor Jason's experience, the Lord blessed him with his wife Carolina Walsh. Pastor Jason has a daughter, a step son, and two sons!  Pastor Jason is also a full time Firefighter/EMT for the City of Stamford, CT.
"If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved" (Romans 10:9).
"Jesus is Lord! He came to set the captives free!  I was captive by many things for many years, yet He still set me free!  He will do the same for you!"

Pastor Jason Walsh: Leadership
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