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Tithes and Offering

This ministry is reliant on the Holy Spirit and Christ alone. We will rely on God to provide all of our needs according to His riches and glory.  We will remain sustainable for a long period of time by being committed to serving Christ regardless of the amount of money that we have. 

We have seen God do great work without money. A work of God may use money, but it will not depend on it. If the work depends on money, it cannot depend on God. We will never incur any debt. Our budget will be based on the amount of money we have in the bank. All overhead expenses are very minimal and covered by our staff, board, and the local church. As a result, any contributions that come into the Church from outside will be used 100% directly towards ministry outreach. All of our services are offered freely. Freely we receive, freely we give all that we have. 

If you would like to participate in giving, we ask that you follow these guidelines and questions first as we seek to follow the example of Christ in matters pertaining to money.

  • Are you giving freely and cheerfully? God loves a cheerful giver and does not want you to give out of pressure or reluctantly.

  • Have you earned the money you are giving honestly? Are you up to date on your bills? God wants us to earn an honest wage, pay our taxes, and meet our other obligations. This way, you can give with a clear conscience. He does not need your money. Remember: We believe God may use money for His work, but He does not need money for His work.

If you have read this statement on money and would like to give towards the work at The Rock Church and any of its ministries (ie. The Rock), we are humbled and blessed that you have chosen to support us. May God richly bless your generous support of this ministry and the children and families who need it.

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