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Join us and share your thoughts in the comments as we read Rob Reimer's book "Spiritual Authority."

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

"In the culture we live in today, truth is considered relative, and all deities are considered equal paths to God. How can it be proved that Jesus is Lord of all? How can we show people that Jesus is unique? It is hard to persuade people with arguments when truth is viewed as personal, subjective, and relative. There has to be a demonstration of love and power that is persuasive beyond reason. We proclaim Jesus is King, and we witness to the gospel of the kingdom, but if we want to be effective we must demonstrate that the King has come, that His kingdom is invading the darkness. We must demonstrate the message that this King of Heaven has power to overcome evil and all its effects, just like the early church demonstrated this to its generation. We must operate in the power of God that releases those in bondage, that heals the brokenhearted, that frees people from the power of the enemy. In a pluralistic, syncretistic society where all deities are considered equal, only the unequal display of Jesus’ power will convince people of the supremacy of Christ” - from my book, Spiritual Authority

I just started reading Spiritual Authority with people this week. Love to have you come and join. We will read one chapter per week and end with a Q&A process session in December. Bring some leaders along and join us. Sign up on the link below

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