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Access to Victory (Revelation 15)

“And I saw something like a sea of glass mingled with fire, and those who have the victory over the beast, over his image and over his mark and over the number of his name…” (Rev. 15:2)

Glorious victory is available to God’s people, but how do we access it? The blood of Jesus gives hope to any Christian who lacks victory. Stumbling believers should reject despair, call out to the Father in Jesus’ Name for the Spirit’s strength, and begin to rise and walk with God. If victory is not yet seen, hope is still available. But always remember: hope that is embraced with a correct response gives birth to victory! Victory is born when hope is carried to term. Now, the hope I carry must flow from God’s Word and Presence, if I want to experience victory over sin, temptation, depression, anxiety, timidity, and anything else that hinders God’s will in my life. Hope comes in when God’s Spirit shows me what His Word means for my life. It may take nine minutes, nine days, or nine months, but expect God’s victory to be born in you, if you are determined to submit to the Word and spend time talking with Jesus.

Sometimes we live like the majority of Israel did when Goliath was taunting the armies of God. We are bewildered about how to even address the problems and cycles before our eyes, because they appear so strong in comparison with even the most robust courage we can muster. In Revelation 15, we read that the church in the final days will “have the victory” over the antichrist man and the antichrist government, both of which will be directly empowered by the devil. The faithful church will “have the victory” over the sweeping pressures involved in society. This is no small victory! The powers behind this are greater than mere human strength. Just as when David battled Goliath, the last days church will not triumph in her own strength or on her own authority, but by faith in the faithful God who gives His own Spirit to those who ask.

No matter what obstacle of sin, the world, or the devil you are facing today, you will triumph only by looking away from yourself altogether. David could not take the armor of Saul with him, but He was confident that The LORD was his shield. Redirect your eyes to the matchless power and glory of God. Put away all confidence in a clever plan you can devise to fix your problem. Don’t sit down and look at what you bring to the table. All God needs is one person actually believing His promises, His Word, and His proven character, and He is able to deliver us and bring the victory we need!

Call out to Him today, trusting His Word and crying out for the fire of God. The sea where the victorious are standing looks like glass. There is a wonderful peace about still ocean water, like when Jesus said, “Peace, be still,” and the waves became completely calm (Mark 4:39). In the same way, the victorious stand on still waters because they have allowed the Word of God to rebuke them, to have authority over them, and God has given them the peaceful fruit of righteousness. But the glassy sea is also “mingled with fire.” We need the fire of God. We need to lay hold of God and say, “I cannot let You go until You pour out your Holy Spirit in my life.” Some of us hold to the doctrine of fire, but practically deny that fire has definite affects. Yet, if God, who is a consuming fire, has come to live in you and me, there will be a difference. We could spend decades throwing information, programs, philosophies, and strategies at our sin, but commit to drawing close to the consuming fire of God, and He will soon burn it up.

Alex Mack

Teaching Pastor

The Rock Church

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