You that have ears, it’s time to listen!

John Chapter 10

By Pastor Sherry

This opens with Jesus at the Feast of Dedication (Hanukkah). Religious leaders cornered Him and once again challenged Him about His teachings. Jesus made two “I Am” statements. “I Am” The Good Shepherd and “I Am” The Gate. Jesus was claiming His deity and as we all know that caused a lot of commotion. 

The Prophet Ezekiel predicted the coming of the Messiah, calling Him a Shepherd. To bad the Scribes and Pharisees were not able to hear that Scripture.

The first claim Jesus made was sheep only hear their own Shepherd, they won’t listen to a stranger. Spiritually speaking this is why the Scribes and Pharisees don’t accept Jesus, they are from another Flock. In chapter 8 Jesus speaks of them as subject to the devil. They don’t listen to God’s voice since they are from the other Flock. That certainly explains how many times when we speak our words seem to fall to the ground (a case of deaf ears).

Sheep pens in those days had high walls and a single narrow opening. This was the only way of entrance. To control access the gate keeper would stand or lay down across the opening. Entering through this gate would keep the sheep safe from thieves, wolves and the outside elements. Scriptures make it clear, the world like sheep can be divided into only two groups those “in” and those “out as defined by the “gate”, which is Christ alone that laid down His life for us. (John 10:7-9) Jesus, calling Himself the “Good Shepherd” was in stark contrast to the false religious leaders of Israel along with His willingness to die for His Sheep. Many called Him insane, others recognized who He was by experiencing the signs that were definitely divine. “Deaf ears wanted to stone Him!” But it wasn’t his time.

The Bible is the inherent word of God. We are watching the Bible play out before us. May I ask, where are you? Can you hear your Good Shepherd or are your ears clogged? Jesus is the only gate to your Eternal Salvation all protection and promises come through Him. Our enemy is constantly trying to seek devour and destroy us. Many don’t believe, they called Him demon possessed and raving mad. I ask you can a demon open the spiritual eyes of the blind? His sheep hear his voice. Do you hear Him today? He is calling you and me.

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