You Either Will Or You Won't!

Zephaniah 3 by Pastor Sherry                                                                                   Lord Jesus, help us to have open eyes, ears and give us a soft obedient heart towards you. Speak to us Lord that we may hear your voice and know what your intentions are for us. Help us to keep our eyes on you. In Jesus mighty name I pray.  The book of Zephaniah begins with him finishing the prediction of the fall of the Nations surrounding Jerusalem. He then turns towards the present problem at hand, sin in Jerusalem, the City of God and His people. God's people were complacent in their sin, they were defiled as if there were no consequences for turning their backs away from  God. They were prideful, arrogant and had dead ears when it came to any type of correction. God used Zephaniah to correct all types of leadership in Jerusalem_____ Officials, Rulers, Prophets, and Priests. 1 Peter states  "For the time has come that judgement must begin at the House of God: and if it first begins at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the Gospel of God?  If we look around the world today do you think the Church may be being  judged? Is God judging His people? Many churches have been closed due to the Covid, and some still are. Pastors are being sued and people cant sing without masks in some places. Christians are being persecuted daily. Christians can't hold prayer rallies, but can hold a prayer protest. The supreme Court Judge just nominated was judged to be to far Catholic. What does that mean? When you hear mention of the separation of Church and State, that was really for our protection that the government could not over step boundaries with the Church. The Church was meant to rule but guess what, we failed. For generations the Church has failed its calling. Should we stand corrected? Let's start with a series of questions. If you are in any type of leadership position, do you consider it to be a privilege and a responsibility? Have we as the body of Christ become callous, disobedient, irresponsible and sinful? Do we think of ourselves as more than we are? the root of any issue we may have just may be pride. As individuals, God's people need to take a deep look at ourselves and at our perceptions of ourselves. We need to let the Lord into those deep recesses of our heart and let him speak to us. We don't want to miss it. We are in a day when we, as the children of the Most High have to deal with ourselves in the Lord. If we examine ourselves personally, we could ask how we were doing spiritually a year ago vs today. We could ask how is our prayer life doing?  We all know we are on shaky ground as far as the world and our Country goes. We do not know what the near or far future holds. If something big were to happen, and the following Sunday, 300 broken, hysterical, fearful people came to church would we be ready? God right now is with us just like He was in the midst of Jerusalem, right in the middle of corruption, persecution and unbelief. There was such clear warnings just like now. How did they miss Him? I beseech you brethren to get down on your knees and ask the Lord where you are and what it is He wants from you, then do it. Read Psalm 20 today. It is filled with such hope for such a time as this. He will help us in any battle we are in. Lord Jesus we lay our lives in your hand, trusting in you and you alone to bring us through. We don't want to miss you! Amen! 

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