Wrong Attitudes

Date: September 19

Today's Reading: Jonah 1 By: Melody Keena

Jonah’s attitude is what got him in trouble.  The same wrong attitudes can get us in trouble too.  So in what ways did Jonah need an attitude adjustment? First, he had a wrong attitude about Gods’ will for him.  He thought that if he didn’t like what God had for him, he could just disobey.  Our obedience though, is our spiritual nourishment, just as Jesus said he had food the disciples knew nothing about: doing His Father’s will.  He also thought what God was asking was too difficult.  The Assyrians were ruthless and it would be dangerous.  He forgot that God wanted to love them and that He love him too.  God never asks us to do something that he does not equip us to do.

Second, he had a wrong attitude about God’s Word.  He thought that he could take God’s word or leave it.  That if God gave him a word to share with others he could remain silent.  But God’s Word must be obeyed.  Remember what Jesus said just before He told the story about the two foundations we can build on:

46  “Why do you call me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ and do not do what I say? Luke 6:46 NIV  Being a prophet of God was a privilege and so is hearing God’s word and doing it.  Jonah thought he could turn in his resignation and stop being God’s messenger. Even the best Moses, Elijah and Jeremiah felt like giving up too but God gently pointed them in the right direction. 29  for God’s gifts and his call are irrevocable. Romans 11:29-30 NIV

Third, Jonah had a wrong attitude about the circumstances he got himself into.  He thought that a ship going in the wrong direction and sleeping through the storm would somehow result in getting away from God.  But God used even those circumstance while he was out of God’s will to bring him to exactly where He wanted him.  You see God was preparing him for the very thing he did not want to do, repent and be obedient. Finally, he had a wrong attitude about the people that were walking in spiritual darkness.  He hated their sins and let that turn into hate for the sinners.  He just wanted God to destroy them. Have no mercy on them.  He should have remembered that the Jews were set apart to bring a blessing and the knowledge of God to all people.  We too are called to love the sinner and only hate the sin.  We are called to share Jesus with even those that persecute us and hate us.

So what wrong attitudes are you harboring?  What call is God placing on your life?  Will you listen and be obedient?

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