Who do I live for?

Acts 17

By Sonya Polino

What a beautiful day it is! Before we begin our time together, may we take a moment. Take a deep breath in and breathe out. May we release as we breathe out any pressure and burden that we have carried into this moment. Breathe out the tasks that lay ahead of us today. Breathe out anxiety. Breathe in and settle into a few minutes with the Word and Holy Spirit.

Holy Spirit, we know you are always here and always speaking. Give us eyes to see you, ears to hear you, and hearts & minds that are radically obedient to what You speak to us.

Let’s take a moment and reflect back on our lives over the last 6-8 months. However, let’s resist reflecting on the impact of COVID-19. Take a deeper look into ourselves spiritually. Maybe use the beginning of the year as a better defined reference point. What has changed in us spiritually? Where do we stand today spiritually compared to where we were at the beginning of the year?

Let’s reflect on those within our households. Holy Spirit, open our eyes to see them - let us see them the way that You do. Lord, keep us from ever passing judgment on another’s relationship or stance with You … Lord, just open our eyes to what you want to reveal to us about them.

Now let’s reflect on our interactions and relationships with them. Again, using the New Year as a reference point, reflect on then compared to now. What is Holy Spirit revealing to you? Don’t miss this. Don’t move on from this without fully settling into it. Let’s absorb and commit to what He is revealing.

My friend, we have lived a lot of life these last few months! So many struggles and re-evaluations, and I am sure that out of each of those - our ever faithful Abba Father has brought many more beautiful moments for us to cherish! Lord, blaze those moments on our hearts and minds, Your sweet gifts to us!

Please take a moment and read Acts 17.

Wowza! So much like today isn’t it?! So much like our everyday life, a year ago before face masks, as well as today, with face masks. This chapter is a chapter of just doing life. Going to this city, going to this market place, going to church, “reasoning” our way through this situation and circumstance. Going here and there, waiting for this person to join us. Waiting for this to happen. Discussions with people unreceptive to our ideas and beliefs. Discussions with people that is somewhat receptive, and those that believe the same as us. There is jealousy, anger and riots!

Acts 17 is 100% written about our every day life, then and now … and in 5 years from now.

There are a couple of verses that us complete confidence in going out and tackling our day and living our life TODAY ….

Verse 24 - 25, “… He is the Lord of heaven and earth and does not live in shrines made by hands. Neither is He served by human hands, as though He needed anything, since He himself gives everyone life and breath and all things.”

Say this verse a couple of times … close your eyes. Let’s go beyond the initial reaction of “God is in control” and allow this verse to speak to us. Speak it out from a personal view point. Let’s let the magnitude and weight of it settle upon us.

This next verse has so deeply spoken to us over the years, verse 26 “From one man He made all the nations, that they should inhabit the whole earth; and He marked out their appointed times in history and the boundaries of their lands.”

You may recall a similar verse that we read just a few days ago, Acts 13:36 “For David, after serving his own generation in God’s plan … “

God specifically chose us, as individuals, to be living in this specific time, in this specific land and within this specific family and church body! Wow! Ever feel misplaced? Don’t!! The timing of your and my life is absolutely nothing short of God’s PERFECT timing, plan and design! Doesn’t that fact alone give us fresh eyes and perspective on our day and what our purpose is in it? It’s not that He just KNEW that today and our specific circumstances were going to happen … but, my friend, He DESIGNED it! No one else could possibly handle the shoes that you walk in … No one else could possibly hand the shoes that I walk in. Because this set of shoes was specifically designed for you and I! These are our God given shoes! Hallelujah! Don’t you just love that!?!

Sometimes we may ask, “But why?” Why would He allow “this”? Why would He choose me for “this”? Next verse … “He did this so they might seek God, and perhaps they might reach out and find Him, though He is not far from each one of us.” Walking through our own “this” is a very personal and intimate journey. Others can support and help us along. But our journey through “this” is one that only we can walk. I pray that we all can allow ourselves to hear the answer He lovingly whispers when we cry out “why Lord!” … so that we may reach out and find Him! This is our life’s journey! How beautiful it is!

Holy Spirit, before we step back into our day, we ask that we LIVE today in You - knowing that you perfectly designed today specifically with us in mind. Holy Spirit, give us the confidence, boldness, and loving assurance that in Jesus name, today is our day!

Holy Spirit, as we MOVE today: move throughout our homes; move within our families; move through our responsibilities & tasks; move through our world today; as we physically move our bodies … Holy Spirit, may we MOVE today in You, in your strength, in your grace, and in confidence!

Holy Spirit, as we HAVE OUR BEING today, may be do it in You. May our minds be tuned to You and thoughts of you. May our spirits be ever aware and engaged with You. Holy Spirit, may we walk today, with our feet firmly planted on the ground - walking in Your peace, wisdom and confidence without regard of the circumstances that are raging around us.

We love you Lord and we trust You! In Jesus name, Amen!

Acts 17:28, For in Him we LIVE and MOVE and HAVE OUR BEING.

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