The Struggle To Obey

Reading: Romans Chapter 7

By Rick Nason

This important chapter has been debated for hundreds of years, as to whether Paul was talking about himself before salvation or currently as a mature Christian at that time, but still struggling with his indwelling sin. He talks about the goodness of God’s law and agrees with it, but he also talks about his struggle to obey it. So can we as Christians recognize and relate to his struggle? Paul clearly sees the struggle of striving to obey God but sometimes falling prey to the power of his internal selfish sin. However, he answers his important question in verse 24, “wretched man that I am! who will rescue me from this body of death!” by stating in verse 25, "thanks be to God through Jesus Christ our Lord!” I believe that he understands that we as Christians must continuously in our faith throw ourselves upon God's mercy in Jesus Christ. We cannot save ourselves or forgive our own sins. Only He can work His love and power over sin in our lives. These are just my thoughts on this chapter.

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