The Good News Is Contagious

Reading: Acts Chapter 3

By Melody Keena

In many ways we are like the crippled man before we know Jesus.  We are hopeless and unable to help ourselves out of sin we are born into.  We look to others as they pass through our lives to help us but at best it is a temporary reprieve.  We run after “gold” and other things to fill the hunger within that only God can fill.  Then one day someone introduces us to Jesus and if we look to him and accept what He freely offers, freedom from sin, our lives are totally changed.  We experience an amazing healing and joy bubbles up moving us to share the Good News.  Our changed lives and witness of what God has done in us attract the attention of those around us that are still hopeless.  They want to know what happened!  God uses the Holy Spirit He places in us to give us the words to share with them.  This new joy is contagious and will spread if we let it.  We can be the source of blessing to all those around us.  So are you social distancing and keeping the joy to yourself or are you as contagious for Christ as Covid is?

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