Strength in Weakness

Zechariah 4 by pastor Sherry

Can you imagine having the responsibility of rebuilding the temple that was torn down in Jerusalem? The pressure on Zerubbabel must have been insurmountable. He knew the temple would be nothing like Solomon’s temple. It would be much smaller and lack the beauty and glory that they all once loved. Thank goodness he had great encouragers, the prophets Haggai and Zechariah gave him his moral and spiritual guidance to carry the project out during the rough times.

Do you have a project to carry out? Maybe to climb the ladder of success? How about trying to keep up with your bills or get a better job? Do you struggle with health issues and  need healing? Are you trying to beat an addiction? You may think you have to be tough in this world. To just move out in your strength, make up your mind, be rigid and hang tight  to survive in this world. One of the most powerful Scriptures are found in these verses. “Not by might not by power, but by my Spirit,” says the Lord Almighty. The most important is “by my Spirit.'

This is the key to accomplish anything in this life that is resilient. I failed at this miserably this week. I had to have an echocardiogram.

I layed on my back on the table with my mask on. I knew I was in trouble because I can’t keep the mask on long. So, I started concentrating on my breathing not a good idea. The lady was getting irritated with me telling me if I didn’t stop holding my breath she wouldn’t be able to get the right pictures and I would have to come back. I asked if I could lift the mask so I could breathe she said no because of Covid. I was claustrophobic at that point and called on the Lord. Too late, panic attack took over. At that point I was weak and distressed.

When the exiles came back from captivity they were quite weak, distressed and demoralized. They were also very poor. The one major thing they did have was God was with them. They had learned great lessons while they were in captivity. Many of the Jews that were older could remember Solomon’s temple with all its splendor. It was a bittersweet time remembering the old and moving on to the new.

How about you! Do you think bigger is better? Do you think being rich is better than being poor? Do you think strength is better than weakness? The way you answer these questions may be the reason you get so disheartened so easily, if you feel what you do is small and insignificant.

God thinks differently than we do. He rejoices in the truth and what is right and faithful. He is the one that takes our weakness and gives us strength.

In the beginning of this chapter, the vision of the gold lamp stand with a bowl and seven lights on it, is important to understand. Oil for lights was produced from crushed olives and was used in bowls with wicks. This gave them light. This vision represented a continual supply of oil and Gods power would be reflected through that light. Isn’t that light the very thing that flows through us when we are saved. We are enlightened, the light exposes all our darkness and shows us which path to take.

Thank you Jesus for your Light. Thank you Jesus for your Faithfulness. Thank you Jesus that when I am weak you give me strength. Thank you Jesus that we can let our light shine in this dark world. Thank you Jesus that you are always the same yesterday today and forever. I love you Jesus! And it is in your name the name of Jesus that I pray.........

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