Simple Faith

Reading: John Chapter 6

By Rick Nason

Chapter six in the Gospel of John answers the question, 'What is the work of God we are to do?' After Jesus fed the 5,000, many Jews followed after Him. He exposed their motives by telling them that they did not follow Him because of the miraculous signs, but because their stomachs were full. He then tells them to seek food that brings eternal life, and of course, they ask Him what they need to do to accomplish the works of God. He answers their question in John 6:29: "this is the work of God, that you believe in Him who He(God) sent." So Jesus is teaching them and us that our works will never put us on the good side of God or save us. So what does believing in Jesus mean? I would say that genuine believing faith in Christ is just that, believing in Him, not in me. Looking to Him, not to me. Asking Him for His will in all situations, not jumping to do my will. If nothing is impossible with God, why would I not believe Him? If He can work in all areas of my life, why would I not take Him up on His promises? So simple and so true.

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