Jesus Comforts Us

By Melody Keena

Daily Reading: John 14

Jesus disciples were confused and concerned about the future since He had told them He was leaving them.  Jesus specks peace to them and reminds them of some important things. First, we don’t need to know where we are going because He already has prepared the way and is the Way. We just need to trust Him and walk in the light that He has already given us.  We need to stay by His side and realize that in knowing Him we know God almighty who made everything and is in charge/control of everything.  We just need to take our hands off and let God be God.  Second, Jesus says that we will have the power from God to do the things He has been doing and even more.  Jesus is ready and willing to provide the power and the answers to our prayers to bring glory to God.  We often feel unworthy to receive Gods power and his good gifts.   We think we have to do something to be worthy of His love, but He wants to give it freely, unconditionally, and beyond what we can even imagine.  Third, we won’t be alone.  Jesus has asked the Father to give us the Holy Spirit to live in us.  The Holy Spirit will be our advocate, comfort, convictor, healer, instructor, and so much more.  We have only to be obedient and willing to relinquish control of our lives to Him.  To stop trying to fix things and people, to stop trying to control our lives, to stop wavering in our trust and just live in the faith that God's got it. Fourth, even though Jesus is no longer physically with them or us He gives us a peace beyond anything the world can offer.  When we face loss we grieve and can lose sight of the good God has done for us and has for us in the future. Jesus wanted them to know He willingly was going to go through the trials ahead and that He laid down His life that the evil one did not take it.  He reminds us too that the trials that come our way are often preludes for beautiful things that are for our good and His glory.  He sees the bigger picture and we just have to learn to rest in His arms secure and at peace.

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