Israel's Shame, Our Gain

Reading: Romans chapter 11

By Pastor Sherry 

Grace------- is when God gives us good things we don't deserve

Mercy------- is when he spares us from bad things we deserve

Blessings---are when He is generous with both

Romans 11:1-10 - Throughout History God has always Graced us with a remnant of believers who understand His Grace and accept Salvation through Faith. The Jews in Paul's days were out seeking God's Blessings by works not by Faith. The consequence: their hearts were hardened from the Truth.

Roman's 11:11-16 - Messiah Jesus was a huge stumbling block for the Jews, that they certainly stumbled over. In His Mercy, God used this stumbling {disobedience} to focus on bringing in the Gentiles {us} into His Kingdom, allowing Salvation and the Church age to begin. This move would hopefully provoke Israel to a faith and relationship with Jesus. Israel, although blinded, will eventually be brought back to life. So interestingly the Gentiles received God's Mercy due to Israel's disobedience. 

Romans 11:17-24 - Paul, uses an Olive Tree illustration showing Israel to be the natural branches, with some broken ones due to unbelief. The wild branches grafted in were Gentile believers. The Gentile believers share in all the benefits that come from the root which would be God. Neither the Jews nor the Gentiles have any right to become conceited. They didn't deserve any of God's Grace, Mercy, and Blessings. God will discipline them all for unbelief. Both Jews and Gentiles share nourishment from the tree based on their faith in the Lord. Neither can rest on their heritage or culture for their Salvation. The natural branches {Israel} will be grafted in as they begin to believe, and eventually God will restore Israel after He has completion with the Gentiles.

Romans 11:25-32 - The present hardening of Israel is temporary. When God has completed the fullness of the Gentiles, Messiah [Jesus] will return to Jerusalem and save Israel; He will spiritually and physically fulfill His covenants to her and bless Her. They are God's chosen [His Priest Nation] and He will not revoke His call on them. He will show Mercy to Israel just as He has shown His Mercy to the Gentiles.

Romans 11:33-36- God's Wisdom, His Knowledge and His Judgements are His ways of rich Blessing and way beyond our understanding. We cannot give God advice nor do we deserve anything from Him. God is infinitely wonderful and all glory belongs to Him. It is He that is Worthy, not Us!

May the Lord Bless you with His grace and Mercy today.

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