If Only!

Zechariah chapter 10 and psalm 32 by Pastor Sherry                           

If I could only lose weight......If only I had a bigger house...... If only I had a car like that...... If only I had more time...... If only I had a better job.  We tend to fall into these thoughts, along with money, entertainment, sex, comfort, television, drugs our cell phones etc. We create these idols and expect to find happiness and security. Did you ever think of your identity as being an idol? But we always come back to the emptiness that only God can supply.

Zechariah prophesied a future “Christ” a “Cornerstone“ a “tent pig” a “bow” that wins battles, is a ruler and victorious! He would be a man that would take action. He also described the Messiah would have strength, He would be stable virtuous and trustworthy. He would be the complete answer to Israel’s issues. It would only be through this Christ that Gods will would be fulfilled to His people.

At the time, Israel was divided into to Kingdoms. To the South was the “House of Judah” and to the North was the “House of Joseph.” Vs 6 tells us about a time that they would be  restored. Which could only be accomplished by a miracle from God. God had compassion on them.

It was difficult to even believe that this would ever happen. The Northern Kingdom was so absorbed In other cultures. Including the worship of idols. God also said there would be a time when all the Jews dispersed around the world would return to their home Country. A life of slavery, being separated and heavy oppression would not be in their lives any longer as long as they returned to God and remained  close to Him and Him alone. They would be able to carry out God’s purpose for them if they remained in Him. Any opposition coming against them would be overcome in Him.

It would be God’s Spirit that would give them the power to overcome just like us, if we turn away from God we lose our source of power. This would be like a washing machine not plugged into its electrical source, No Power!!

Vs 11 refers to the ”sea of trouble“ this is speaking of the parting of the Red Sea. That was all a miracle work of God. He was and still is promising He would be with them, He will bring them through and He will continue to protect them. He is still with us. He will bring us through and He  will Continue to protect us.

                    The Will of God

Nothing will ever fulfill you, like the middle of God’s will,

The waves can come a rocking, and you can remain all calm and still.

It’s only in that place that you find out who you are,

It’s far better than all your lofty thoughts, of owning a fancy car.

So lock yourself in your closet, until you have made the decision to abide,

It’s at that moment you have his promise, that He will always be at your side.

Lord God, help us to keep our eyes set on you each and every day. Help us to remember in those times of trials and trouble that you are in control, and we just need to remember to give it all to you. Why is that so hard Lord? I ask you to forgive us of our pride and help us to be who you created us to be. It is in your precious name Jesus that I Pray!!!!! Amen!!!

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