He is Faithful to the Surrendered Ones

Daily Reading: Acts 25

By Rick Nason

In Acts chapter 25 we see the plan of the Jewish leaders to kill Paul thwarted by God. Our sovereign Lord did not allow the Roman leaders to sentence Paul to death. God had more ministry for Paul to do. God’s plan always prevails. The thing about God is he knows a person’s heart motive. Paul was empowered by God, but God knew his desire to unselfishly serve Him. Paul proved that throughout his ministry. Paul did not ask God to free him from his trials, he just prayed for strength to continue the Gospel cause.

So we start understanding that God empowers those who trust Him with their lives as they strive to seek and carry out his will and plan. God Is always ready to bless us in His power and presence as he sees our heart motives to Glorify Him. Do we ever need to mistrust The Lord Jesus ? Never! If God is for us who can come against us?

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