God's Servant In The Storm

Reading: Acts Chapter 27

By Sonya Polino

Holy Spirit, we ask that you open our eyes to see You, our ears to hear You and our hearts to receive and respond to what You speak to us today.

Acts chapter 27, at an initial reading, appears to be a narrative chapter that we would be tempted to just glaze over and get back into the “meat” of scripture.  Resist that temptation, as this chapter is most assuredly so rich in depth and principles!

Take a moment to read Acts 27, highlighting, underlining, marking in some way anything that stands out to you, even if you don’t know why it stands out to you.

Now go back and re-read those portions that you marked.  Talk to the Lord as you read … this doesn’t need to be long.  Review your marked portions with the Lord, just as you would as if you were sitting at a table with a friend.

There is something that Holy Spirit is speaking to each of us right now - something intimate and personal, specifically us individually.  Let’s not rush and miss it.  Let’s listen.  Let’s receive.

Take note of those that are still particularly standing out, giving you pause, and that you want to contemplate some more.  

Today is Saturday.  A busy day, I’m sure for us all, but for most not a work day.  That means that we can intentionally make some margin in our day for a conversation with a friend.  Call someone and talk about what the Lord spoke to you through this chapter, or these last few chapters.  What is He building in you?  Or maybe you are struck by something written in these chapters, but still are not sure about what it is or what it means.  Discuss it, put it out there and allow Holy Spirit to further speak to you through your friend.

God, in all of His faithfulness and goodness, has used this passage to speak His truth and light into events from this last week for me personally.  I would love to share that with you and hear what Holy Spirit is speaking to you!  Please do not hesitate to give me a call or text, 203-213-7964.

Holy Spirit, may we see Your faithfulness and goodness today as You surround us - as You go before us and hem us in from behind.  Lord, may we hear Your voice as You speak to us - open our ears, Lord, to hear the songs of deliverance that you sing over us.  Lord, no matter the storms that rage around us, the winds & anchors that are driving us, Lord, no matter if we do or don’t see the stars and sun for many days - may we fix our hearts and eyes on You, Lord.  

We love You and trust You, Lord.  In Jesus name, Amen.

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