From Saul to Paul

Acts chapter 9

Pastor Sherry

I remember my conversion very well. I had a bad attitude and always believed everyone in church were hypocrites. That was before I came crashing down to my knees at the altar and sobbed, due to life situations. I got up from the altar and all those hypocrites had changed into the most loving people I had ever met! I had so much love for them I didn’t know how to handle it. I knew my life had completely changed. Their was an inner knowledge that certain things I liked I now disliked and certain things I disliked I now liked a lot. Driving home, I told my husband that I feel like I had been blind all my life and now I could see. Praise the Lord! Amazing love!

Here in ch. 9 Saul, later known as Apostle Paul, was out threatening Christians and actually murdering them. He was a true Pharisee, zealous for the Law. As he was headed toward Damascus with a couple companions. Saul was stricken by a light from heaven and brought face to face with the living truth!

Jesus can break into our lives in a spectacular way or in a quiet way depending on a persons personality, willingness and need. This began a new life for Saul Immediately when the light flashed he fell to the ground. He heard Jesus speak and immediately referred to Him as Lord! Can you imagine the power around him? Jesus spoke and told him to Get up and go. He would be told what to do. Saul, immediately obeyed, he got up and was blind. He was led by the hand and dId not eat or drink anything for three days. I bet there was great conviction, repentance and Godly sorrow going on during this fast.

A Disciple called Ananias was also spoken to by Jesus. He was told to go to a house and lay hands on Saul to restore his sight. Ananias did question about this order because of knowing about Saul’s reputation. Jesus said. “Go, this man Is my chosen instrument to carry my name to the. gentiles so they may see again and be filled by the Holy Spirit.” Ananias obeyed, He told Saul that the Lord sent him To lay Hands on him so that he could see again and be filled with the Holy Spirit. After Ananias laid his hands on him, Paul rose up and the scales fell off his eyes.


This reminds me of an old hymn "And Can It Be" written by Charles Wesley!

My chains fell off

My heart was free

I rose went forth and followed thee.

Everywhere Paul went he stirred up controversy as we all should be doing for such a time as this. Join with me and listen to this Old Hymn “And Can It Be” and as you listen to each verse, remember your own conversion and what the Lord has called you to.

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