Empowering Despite Threatening

Daily Reading: Acts Chapter 4

By Sarah Mack

In the previous chapters in Acts, we saw the power of the Holy Spirit rest on the 150 gathered together. We saw that the group who heard the gospel in their own language had mixed initial responses, and that many of them had previously shouted, “Crucify Him!” These were the first to hear of and witness the resurrection power that Jesus bought for us. That is the love of Christ toward those who oppose him, that He would reveal His love to them in their language.

What an encouragement to see at the beginning of Acts chapter 4 that the 150 had turned into 5,000 (and that was just the men)! What a powerful, amazing God! He turned threats and arrest into revival. Holy Spirit-led powerhouse speech is what we see in mega volume all throughout Acts. Peter and John get in trouble with the top religious and political leaders. Yet, because of this newfound Holy Spirit wisdom and power, they not only spoke to the earthly leaders with power and truth, but they were released and kept on serving the Lord rather than pleasing men.

As we see social distancing orders, orders to keep people healthy and prevent any chance of death, let us not forget that the souls of so many are still dead and cold all around us. While the fear of death continues to confront our society, may we continue boldly preaching in Jesus the resurrection from the dead! The spiritually dead need resurrection power that will come with words of life and love. They need us to speak “rise up” from spirits of death and suicide, from fear and anger. It is in THIS TIME, in THIS DAY that the Holy Spirit could pour out on me and you to be used by Him. Are we willing?

Today in California it is illegal to meet together in a house of worship publicly for church service. In many other nations, it has been illegal for a very long time. My prayer is that we as believers will be united and that believers in California and others persecuted around the world will continue blazing brighter for Him!

Oh, Holy God, let it be that a great revival sweeps through California! Let Your Holy Fire fall on believers and let the boldness in Peter and John be in them. Let the gifts of healing, prophecy, knowledge, deliverance, preaching and teaching fall upon the true bride of Christ. Let there be evangelistic gatherings without fear of who will report them. Let Your good news spread through Your true vessels. Let love, peace, power, and wisdom be a mantel over them. Let it be that your favor rests so heavily on Your bride that the governor doesn’t know what to do about the revival taking place. You pour out what only you can, and may your church be ready. Let it be that more gatherings of prayer take place and that you shake their dwelling places with Your fresh outpouring. We speak Acts 4:29 and 30 over Your Bride, the people of Your Name! “29 Now, Lord, consider their threats and enable your servants to speak your word with great boldness. 30 Stretch out your hand to heal and perform signs and wonders through the name of your holy servant Jesus.”


My call to you today is to pray. Pray for God to reveal His heart and His word to you so you can see it through His eyes. Pray for yourself and your family to stand firm in the trying times coming for Christians. Gird up and get ready. Pray as the Holy Spirit leads. Ask Him to provide the fire and then pray in the fire that He gives.

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