Do You Hear The Trumpet?

Day 22

Revelation 3

By Pastor Sherry

I believe the trumpet is sounding! 1 Peter:17 says “For the time has come for judgement to begin with the Family of God: and if it first begins with us, what shall the end be of them that obey not.”

     In chapter 3 Jesus, is warning three churches of the coming judgement. To the Sardis church He tells them they were a very active church, but they were Spiritually dead. They looked great on the outside but corrupt on the inside. (Heart issues) Jesus told them wake up and get on the right path. Go back to the beginning when they had a basic knowledge of faith. He promised if they did they would have a future home and eternal life with Him. (Lesson: Stand and walk in your Faith). There was no rebuke to the Philadelphian church. They had gone through very hard times and Jesus commended them for hanging on to their faith. Jesus told them to hold on, and use their gifts in whatever capacity that they could. They had an open door into His Kingdom that no one can shut. (Lesson: Just hold on) Jesus was hard on the Laodicean church. He labeled them as Luke-warm, meaning they were repulsive and undesirable. They were rich, satisfied and self sufficient and didn’t have Christ. Jesus knocked on their door but they were too busy to hear Him. The pleasures of this world can make us indifferent. If you find yourself indifferent towards God, towards His word or towards the church, then you have begun to shut Him out. He warned these churches as He is warning us now, open our hearts and stand believing that Jesus is and always will be God’s Son who died for your sins. And His sacrifice is permanent, never to change. The trumpet has blown. Where are you? 

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