Devo Day 9

Hebrews 8 & 9 By Pastor Jeff

Something new. "We have such a high priest that is taking his seat… in the sanctuary and in the true Tabernacle, which the Lord pitched, not man"

When you were a kid, or maybe even an adult, you got so excited when you received something new. You would walk through a store and find a new product, buy it, play with it for about a week, then it would be old. Everything in this world seems to be that way. Always looking for the next new thing only to find out it gets old and never satisfies. The writer of Hebrews discusses the New covenant or new promise versus the old. The New covenant was mainly a contract of promise that God made with you and I. Not that the old covenant was terrible, he just knew we would never meet all the old covenant requirements. The New covenant was better because the sanctuary, sacrifice, security was far superior to the old. Christ mediated the new. The earthly sanctuary used objects in the Tabernacle, which symbolized how material things could never cleanse the heart, rather only cleanse the exterior of a person. The heavenly sanctuary became greater because Christ himself offered the sacrifice through the preciousness of his blood which was permanent for all time. It became the power to bring about eternal redemption in our lives if we would so choose. Now imagine if you received a gift that never wore out when you were a child, never got old, was living, and always provided something new. Moreover, it cleansed your heart, gave you mercy and grace when you did wrong, forgave you and made you clean daily. All you had to do was cultivate a relationship with the one who gave you the gift, and forever, you would be fantastic day in and day out. That is something new you have received from Jesus Christ.

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