Confused vs Comprehend

By Rick Nason

Reading: John 16

In chapter 16 Jesus tells his disciples that they will be persecuted and hated  by the Jews and that He must Leave and go to the Father so that the Holy Spirit could come. In doing so the Spirit would convict the world Of sin, righteousness and judgment but would also comfort them and guide them into all truth. We can see that the disciples were fearful and confused. They did not comprehend that the presence and power of Christ would be within them, individually, to enable them to live a life that would bring purpose, joy and glory to God.

So the disciples were believers but not Spirit filled, because the God the Spirit had not yet come. God the Son was with them but was about to leave. No wonder they were troubled and confused. So in the case of the body of Christ, His Church, us believers, why are there believers and Spirit Filled believers? Could it be the enemy of our soul brings doubt and confusion instead of trust and comprehension? In other words the Lord wants believers to dwell and live in all truth as the Spirit leads (Spirit filled). Which is it for you? Something to think about.

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