Our vision is to go out into the community to reach thousands of un-churched and less fortunate children and their families with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and see their lives transformed.

The mission of The Rock is to bring Christ’s love and hope to children and families through local missions work and compassionate ministry to the least fortunate in the communities we serve. We accomplish this by partnering with the Holy Spirit and Spirit filled churches who desire to live out the Great Commission of Jesus and establish a consistent Gospel presence outside the church in the most challenging neighborhoods. We are committed to build relationships through consistent home visitation, spread the Gospel at family centered evangelistic events and services, and provide for the spiritual and physical needs of our neighbors through prayer, feeding programs, education, and discipleship.

Haiti 2018​​

The mission of The Rock Haiti is three fold:
1.  To increase the number of un-churched children and families who regularly attend Spirit filled churches in the village of Bercy, Cabaret, Haiti by providing “Rock Ministry” family outreach events at the local partner churches which will include door to door visitation, prayer, and invitations followed by the primary ministry events which provide food, fun, prizes, and the presentation of the Gospel in a relevant manner which everyone can understand and respond to.
2.  To equip the local pastors and leaders in the village of Bercy, Cabaret, Haiti to effectively carry on ministry to their community by providing leadership, discipleship, prayer, and encouragement for them as they minister in a most difficult area. This will include the provision of sound Biblical teaching for the pastors and leaders as well as the practical application of that teaching through revivals, crusades, and local service and ministry opportunities such as “Rock Ministry” events for local children and families.
3.  To provide a means of income for believers who attend local Spirit filled churches in an effort to provide a means of supporting their families, establishing dignity, providing discipleship, and enabling them to become leaders and contributing members of the local church and the needs of people in their communites.